Early Bird Home Watch

Keeping a Birds Eye view of your Property

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A Home Watch company performs a visual observation of an unoccupied property, looking for irregularities and obvious issues.

Early Bird Home Watch performs an essential service for the seasonal resident. Properties should never be left unattended. It is the duty of Early Bird Home Watch to visit the home on a regular schedule to find irregularities.

A systematic check of the property accomplishes just that. Should damage be discovered, or situations arise, Early Bird Home Watch will do proper troubleshooting and have a variety of resources available to help remedy the condition promptly.
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Unforeseen damage can happen at any time…especially in an unoccupied home.

Whenever you are away from your home or your vacation home, a lot can happen. Break-ins , Water leaks, Electrical issues, Insects, Rodents, Mold, Flooding, Storm Damage...

If you are leaving your neighbor or friend responsible for your home, they may not be equipped to handle a mishap when it occurs. An untrained eye won't know what to look for, worse yet, they won't detect issues at an early stage jeopardizing your insurance coverage when there's a problem!

Having a trained professional view your home and grounds, complete a detailed report, and have the ability to coordinate licensed professionals to assist in the repairs and maintenance of your home is a necessity.

Early Bird Home Watch provides detailed reports stamped with a GPS location, including photos emailed after each visit, providing 100% assurance that your property is being monitored while you are away.

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Is your Home Watch Professional Trained, Accredited, Insured, Bonded and Background Checked? Early Bird Home Watch is professionally Trained by, and a graduate of, the Home Watch Academy. We are fully insured and bonded.

Our services can be the difference between damage and disaster!
Sample of Interior Services:

  • Assure alarm systems are set and working properly.
  • Cycle water in all sinks/tubs, and flush all toilets.
  • Visually check all water usage systems for leakage under sinks, ceilings, and all appliances.
  • Check air conditioning units. Ensure all are working properly and confirm thermostats are set to client’s specifications for temperature and humidity.
  • Check that refrigerator, freezers, ice machines, and any other appliances are operating properly.
  • Check interior for insects and pest infestation.
  • Inspect all breaker panels for tripped circuits.
  • Check home for any water intrusion.
  • Test lights and fans.

Early Bird Home Watch utilizes the EXCLUSIVE Water Zone Home Watch Method.


Sample of Exterior Services:

  • Check locks and condition of all windows, doors, garage doors, and screens.
  • Check all outdoor plumbing water sources for leakage.
  • Discard junk mail or fliers left on your property.
  • Walk grounds to make sure all contracted yard and pool maintenance is being completed.
  • Visual check of pool water condition and pump functionality.
  • Check landscaping for problems with the irrigation system and drainage.
  • Check exterior for insects and pest infestation.
  • Check entire property for signs of intrusion or vandalism.
  • Check that trash and yard waste is being picked up properly and receptacles are stored where they belong.
  • Check screen door, screening and cage structure.

Early Bird Home Watch utilizes the EXCLUSIVE Water Zone Home Watch Method.


Pre - Post Storm Preparedness

Vehicle Services

Contractor Liaison

Accept and Monitor In-Home Deliveries

Vendor Key-In/Key Out

Cleaning Services

Pre Arrival & Post Departure

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Living in SW Florida for over 16 years, it became apparent there was a need for reputable Home Watch Services, due to the large amount of Seasonal Residents. In searching for a way to be of service to others, utilize my experiences in the construction industry, customer relations, marketing and having a nak for cultivating relationships. Naturally, the Home Watch Industry became intriguing to me, and I decided to open Early Bird Home Watch, LLC.

At Early Bird Home Watch we provide professional, trustworthy Home Watch services in Lee County Florida. We give you peace of mind that your home is functioning properly, and help you get repairs expedited efficiently, and on a timely basis. Delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. I am a Graduate of the Home Watch Academy, I am professionally trained, Insured and bonded..

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