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Unforeseen damage can happen at any time…especially in an unoccupied home.

Whenever you are away from your home or your vacation home, a lot can happen. Break-ins , Water leaks, Electrical issues, Insects, Rodents, Mold, Flooding, Storm Damage...

If you are leaving your neighbor or friend responsible for your home, they may not be equipped to handle a mishap when it occurs. An untrained eye won't know what to look for, worse yet, they won't detect issues at an early stage jeopardizing your insurance coverage when there's a problem!

Having a trained professional view your home and grounds, complete a detailed report, and have the ability to coordinate licensed professionals to assist in the repairs and maintenance of your home is a necessity.

Early Bird Home Watch provides detailed reports stamped with a GPS location, including photos emailed after each visit, providing 100% assurance that your property is being monitored while you are away.